top 10 ai programming tools

Jul 3, 2024

Jul 3, 2024

Jul 3, 2024

Top 10 AI Programming Tools Worth Trying

Top 10 AI Programming Tools Worth Trying

Artificial Intelligence Tools in 2024 That Make Programming More Effective

Every day we can see new AI solutions pop up on the IT forefront, either related to or fully powered by smart tech. The technology is improving eye-blinkingly fast, now allowing specialized programmers to work faster. But only the right artificial intelligence tools can help speed up a coder’s workflow without undermining the final quality of code. 

This is exactly where the tools we are reviewing in this article come in — to assist and facilitate things on the side of project execution and workflow management. 

Yes, there is more to the niche of AI coding assistants than ChatGPT. In particular, we are taking a look at some of today’s standout AI-enabled programming tools, each offering unique features, including Metatable, Safurai, CodeGPT, and more.

Overview of the Top AI Tools to Assist Developers Today

An efficient AI coding tool can assist and support developers throughout the coding process in many ways. Namely, specialists get to:

  • Write and debug code with automated code lines and actions thrown in here and there;

  • Conduct more accurate code reviews, free from human factor errors;

  • Use autonomous code corrections, improvements, auto-completions, and optimizations in real time.

  • Detect security vulnerabilities and bugs more easily.

AI programming tools never tire, as opposed to human specialists, and constantly improve based on the info learned from code repositories. Here is a list of top solutions that developers and coders of all levels can efficiently adopt for automated semi-programming today. 

1. Metatable

Metatable is a full-blown AI for programming that offers a broad range of software development and infrastructure management solutions. The platform is applicable for both back-end and front-end development. Programmers can leverage it for automated code hosting, deployments, web database management, serverless operations, and more. 

You can create several AI assistants for different purposes (or projects, clients). There is a simple chat-based interface that allows you to interact with each assistant separately. And, surely, all the previous requests are logged and saved in the history of interactions for further the AI’s self-educational improvements. 

Key features:

  • AI chatbot assistance

  • Effortless back-end and front-end coding

  • Fast database creation with AI

  • PaaS (platform-as-a-service) serverless environment

  • Swift API development

  • AI service integration

Why to choose:

  • Enables crafting ideal backends built on the Rust programming language;

  • Provides NoOps services that help automate deployments;

  • Eliminates repetitive tasks of the same type;

  • Assists in creating user interfaces that are innovative and responsive;

  • Supports uploaded documentation or images to the artificial intelligence chat with its is possible;

  • Speeds up the infrastructure setup;

  • Allows easy integration of third-party AI services and models;

  • Frees more time for other programmer’s tasks.

Metatable positions itself as a feature-rich platform for AI-powered coding. This one can become your coding partner to help optimize the software development process throughout. 

2. Tabnine

Among the top AI tools for developers, Tabnine grabs attention with its internal ML (machine learning) algorithms, which it uses to understand the context of your code. It analyzes the code continuously, right as it is written, and predicts the next piece of code the developer might write based on common patterns and inherent structures found in the code. 

The tool then provides the specialist with suggestions that can be ignored or accepted. With everything happening in real-time, Tabnine makes coding that much simpler, faster, and overall more efficient. 

Developers on Reddit approve our message and confirm the effectiveness of this AI tool for coding, sharing tons of positive impressions.

Key features:

  • Multi-language support

  • Contextual understanding

  • AI-powered predictions

  • Integration with code editors

  • Real-time suggestions

Why to use:

  • Available for both popular languages ​​(Python, JavaScript, TypeScript), and for more niche ones (Rust, Bash, Go);

  • Generates unit tests;

  • Offers code explanations;

  • Promises to help developers start coding 10x faster;

  • Provides a free user plan.

The more Tanbine is applied in action, the better it becomes at predicting the best-fitting code. The tool learns from previous code patterns and structures. You can use this AI for coding at higher and higher performance speeds using all the handy automation.

3. GitHub Copilot

This powerful AI tool for developers operates in an integrated development environment (IDE). Programmers can get autocomplete clues and also generate code snippets with the help of the OpenAI Codex framework. 

GitHub Copilot supports many well-known programming languages ​​and frameworks and is integrated with diverse development environments out of the box. These environments include Visual Studio Code, JetBrains, Azure Data Studio, Neovim, and Visual Studio. On top of that, the GitHub Copilot AI model is trained on open GitHub repositories, the largest source code center in the world. 

Key features:

  • Tips for using APIs and libraries

  • Automatic code completion

  • Documentation for functions and classes

  • Detection of potential errors

  • Creation of tests

Why to use: 

  • Helps developers write code faster and with less effort;

  • Generates comments for written code;

  • Assists with code syntax features;

  • Explains the existing code and suggests improvements;

  • Helps with repetitive tasks and routines.

The research conducted by GitHub states that 55% of GitHub users surveyed write code 55% faster with GitHub Copilot.

4. AskCodi

Using this AI tool for software development, programmers get automatic bug detection and intelligent code completion, among other things. There is also real-time code analysis. AskCodi can process different programming languages in terms of a single project ​​and has a simple and to-the-point interface. Programmers may also use it to integrate seamlessly with existing environments and expand capacities with external smart tech.

Key features:

  • Multi-lingual support

  • Real-time code analysis

  • Automatic error detection

  • Seamless IDE integration

  • Joint programming

Why to use:

  • An integrated Codi Chat for stable communication;

  • The Project function enables programmers to split the code and collaborate;

  • Supports 50+ frameworks and programming languages;

  • Explains and generates code in one click;

  • The free version is powerful and sufficient for most developers.

That said, it is worth considering that despite the high-quality free version, AskCodi can sometimes generate code slowly.


Our list of the best AI tools wouldn’t be complete without this one. is a platform that helps software specialists generate SQL queries with greatly enhanced speed. It can automate the development of SQL queries with the mechanisms of natural language processing (NLP). The tool can also identify and process user queries in different programming languages and supports multiple SQL dialects. Lastly, can assist experts in handling database operations of any complexity.

Key features:

  • Natural language processing technology

  • Can deal with diverse SQL dialects

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Machine learning optimization included

  • Multilingualism

  • Comprehensive request processing

Why to apply:

  • Helps to optimize the management of database services;

  • Assists in the streamlined generation of SQL queries;

  • Can be easily integrated with existing database environments;

  • Offers advanced features such as query optimization;

  • May generate dummy data for testing goals;

This tool will be useful to developers regardless of their qualifications and level of knowledge of SQL, especially considering the flexible nature of this language. 

6. SonarQube

Now this is an AI tool that offers code quality improvements in an individual, intelligent manner. Programmers can use SonarQube for static code analysis to find bugs and then enhance the final product version. The solution can be integrated with the enterprise's environment, which enables it to self-educate based on all the ongoing processes and input data. Hence the tailored efficiency. SonarQube is able to test and analyze nineteen popular programming languages (Python, Kotlin, PHP, Swift, and others). 

Key features:

  • Top code quality assurance

  • Security vulnerability checking

  • Continuous inspection automation

  • Tech debt management

  • Advanced AI-based analysis capabilities

Why to use:

  • Suggests potential code enhancements based on complex analysis;

  • Measures the code quality according to the Seven Axes of Quality;

  • Enables bulk analysis of projects written in diverse programming languages;

  • Saves the history of requests and allows programmers to see general tendencies;

  • Reduces manual effort for developers. 

For businesses that aim to enhance their software quality, SonarQube is an excellent solution. This is one of the best AI tools for programmers to date that checks whole codebases for bugs or code issues.

7. Mintlify

This is a proven AI-powered tool that can streamline the software development process, making it seamless. The tool helps review code and detect errors, automating code testing procedures throughout. Mintlify verifies code and learns from past patterns. On the assumption of this knowledge, its AI makes propositions to enhance code and pinpoints more potential issues early on in development. 

While a software specialist writes code, Mintlify’s AI reviews it in parallel. Programmers can obtain instant feedback and invaluable suggestions. 

Key features:

  • Automated code checks

  • Intelligent error detection

  • AI learning from templates

  • Improved team collaboration

  • Enhanced code quality

Why use:

  • Provides instant feedback and code suggestions;

  • Can quickly generate comments;

  • Streamlines the cycle of software development;

  • Helps junior developers to reduce learning time;

  • Offers three pricing plans, and a free trial;

  • Can scale alongside the development team.

Mintlify is the perfect solution for enterprises of all sizes looking to create and maintain user-friendly tech documentation. The final code polished by this tool will be reliable and bug-free.

8. Adrenaline AI

Have you recently joined another project that is already in full swing? Do you need to quickly get up to speed and understand a codebase created by other developers? Adrenaline AI will help you jump in painlessly. This is one of the best AI tools for programming developed by OpenAI Codex. It offers a set of advanced features to analyze specific project parts and review code. 

Automated code refactoring is a very useful feature of Adrenaline AI, allowing specialists to optimize existing code structures without much manual effort.

Key features:

  • Quick identification of errors

  • Availability on GitHub

  • Automated code refactoring

  • Shared coding interface that is easy to use

  • Real-time error detection

Why to use:

  • Can understand any code base in a matter of seconds;

  • Prompts where and what has already been implemented in the project;

  • Explains code functions quickly and clearly;

  • Shortens the time it takes for new employees to immerse themselves in the project;

  • Easy to use, and developers don’t need to register.

Apart from the many pros of this tool, the only thing worth noting on the downside is the initial setup and configuration of Adrenaline AI which may require some time and tech knowledge.

9. Safurai

This tool was created to increase developer productivity through automated coding, debugging, and refactoring. Safurai offers readymade solutions to common problems that may arise during the software creation process as well as custom opportunities. To make Safurai provide even more accurate answers, you can train it on your own project. There is a free version to let you try out this top AI tool for programmers. It can process about 350 queries per month coming from one user.

Key features:

  • Efficient in many languages

  • Provides tailored responses and suggestions

  • Boosts team productivity

  • Allows the integration in established environments

Why to choose:

  • Compatible with plenty of programming languages ​​and development environments, for example, VS Code;

  • Trains on your own project to achieve higher accuracy of answers;

  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing coding environments.

  • Ensures increased data privacy and security.

  • Free to use.

Safurai is great for both individual developers and development teams that strive for high-quality code.

10. CodeGPT

ChatGPT is the most popular AI tool that we cannot avoid. But do you know what can ultimately enhance the coding-related responses that the Chat generates? The CodeGPT plugin can simplify the coding process and speed up the development. Standing among the top AI tools for programming, it allows developers to access GPT directly from the IDE. That’s pretty simple. Just download CodeGPT, add an API key from the selected AI provider, and begin writing code.

Key features:

  • StackOverflow integration

  • Code refactoring capabilities

  • Streamlined documentation processes

  • Powerful bug-finding features

  • Unit testing capabilities

Why to use:

  • Can be configured for use with different language models;

  • Developers can use the plugin directly from ChatGPT;

  • Can help find an error in the code and document it at once;

  • Explains the logic of an incomprehensible piece of code;

  • Writes extensive unit tests;

  • Can provide answers from StackOverflow in a new code editor window.

CodeGPT is one of the longest-proven tools tuned for making your coding experience smoother and more productive at no end-quality’s expense.

Some Essential Tips for Applying Top AI for Coders

AI tools can be your great assistants that speed up and enhance the development process. But there are some points which are recommended to keep in mind when using these solutions:

Tip 1: Understand the basics before automating

Remember, the fundamentals of coding come first, and AI is just a tool to be wielded. Only a qualified specialist can maximize the potential of any of the above-mentioned solutions. The foremost point to settle and build everything around is the language of the project. 

Tip 2: Integrate top AI tools for developers with your workflow

You can see that every other tool from the list readily integrates with other systems. Don’t shy away from this capability. For instance, you can launch continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines with connected AI testing and QA tools for continuous code monitoring and fixing.

Tip 3: Leverage AI for code review and refactoring

Besides actually writing code, AI tends to do much better reviewing and reworking it. AI pinpoints small bugs and conflicts with astounding preciseness, and you should leverage this for accelerated workflows. 

Bottom Line

In this brief, we have considered tools that offer the best AI for coding. You could also explore the key features and their benefits that can be useful to developers. These benefits manifest themselves on many levels: test automation, code debugging, and development time reduction. 

The ability to analyze code in real time helps you see problems at the earliest stages, which reduces the likelihood of errors and wasted resources. Choose a tool for yourself, test it, and create only the highest-quality software — good luck!


Top 10 AI Programming Tools Worth Trying

top 10 ai programming tools

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Top 10 AI Programming Tools Worth Trying

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