AI builds backend in 3 mins
AI builds backend in 3 mins
AI builds backend in 3 mins

Dec 1, 2023

5 min

AI-Driven Serverless Backend in under 5 Minutes for Your Web Application

As a front-end freelancer, your primary goal is to create perfect user experiences. But often, you've got to handle complex backend processes. Add to this the pressure of swiftly deploying web applications and showcasing visible advancements to your clients (because they love seeing rapid progress).

Therefore, you wish you could lift the weight of backend intricacies off your shoulders to fully leverage your front-end expertise and creativity. 

Let us introduce a solution— a Metatable AI-powered serverless backend platform. With this tool, you don't need to handle complicated backend server functions—the platform will do everything for you. You can focus on what matters—satisfying the users with a smooth interface—rather than learning a whole new skillset.

In this article, we'll illustrate how Metatable will make your professional life easier, your clients happier, and your projects more successful.

Understanding the Freelancer's Struggle

Being a freelance front-end developer comes with its unique challenges:

  • Time-consuming deployment. For example, you may struggle to make the interface work seamlessly across different environments or ensure scalability. These hurdles can delay your project's launch and potentially frustrate your clients.

  • Tedious design-to-code translation. It's one thing to admire a sleek design in Figma, but converting it into HTML and CSS is a different story. It's meticulous, sometimes repetitive, and let's be honest, downright boring.

  • Quick turnarounds for client's satisfaction. Clients want to see their ideas come to life, and they want it yesterday. This puts immense pressure on you to deliver quality work at lightning speed.

  • The need for speedy iterations. Each iteration means revisiting code, tweaking designs, and ensuring everything runs smoothly post-update. All these things can take a significant chunk of time and effort.

The Power of AI-Driven Front-End Development

The recent McKinsey study revealed that the integration of AI into the development cycle delivered an optimization of 10% to 30%. But these figures can be higher with tailor-made AI front-end development solutions like Metatable.

From Sketch to Screen

Without AI-driven development, you may have been spending hours putting together those texts and objects from a sketch into HTML and CSS snippets. But as you use Metatable, you present a design—be it a detailed Figma mockup or a rough sketch—and AI transforms it into a clean, responsive, and functional web interface in minutes.

But the greatest thing about this is that AI intelligently accounts for layout, spacing, alignment, color schemes, and typography to create a visually appealing and user-friendly final product.

Contextual Awareness

Unlike traditional coding tools that operate in a vacuum, Metatable comprehends the broader context of your project. It sees how the lines of code interact with each other and fit into the larger scheme of your application. This means it gets how your user interface should interact with the backend, how data flows through your app, and so much more.

For example, if you find it challenging to manage the database, no worries. Metatable understands how to retrieve, update, and manipulate data to ensure smooth conversations between your front-end and back-end. For you, this means less time wrestling with data and more time creating cool stuff.

Deploying a Serverless Backend in Minutes

Metatable is a user-friendly platform where deploying a serverless backend is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

Steps how to create Backend with AI at Metatable

  1. Login to then Go to My Projects and hit New Project

  2. Create Database: After creating the project, on the next screen Explain to AI what your application is about and it will design and deploy SQL database.

  3. Create API endpoint: On the left side near Services hit the Plus button and select Endpoint. Then explain what this endpoint should do in plain language. Note that the AI Backend developer is aware of your db schema and other existing endpoints (if any). The AI Backend developer will code your API endpoint deploy it to metatable's server in a matter of seconds.

  4. Test your endpoint: Once Endpoint is deployed it's available from the internet. You can go to the Test Endpoint tab located on the top right section. With Test Endpoint tool you could configure and send HTTP requests to the deployed API Endpoint. 

Here is a 1 minute video with the Steps 1-4

  • Need to write and deploy endpoints and APIs? Just tell the AI Backend Developer what you need. It understands your commands and effortlessly translates them into efficient, scalable, and secure code.

  • Worried about security? Metatable's got your back. With its built-in authorization features, setting up secure access to your endpoints is a breeze. Whether you need basic authentication or more complex setups, the AI handles it all.

  • Databases can be daunting, but not with With our AI-powered platform, you can prototype your databases using simple text commands. The AI sets up a database that’s robust and perfectly aligned with your application’s requirements.

In less than 270 seconds, your serverless backend is up and running in the cloud, ready to power your front end. It’s fast. It’s efficient. And it’s ridiculously simple.

Showcasing Progress and Iterating Quickly

Has the possibility of showing a functioning feature to your client just hours after discussing it seemed to be unreal? This is your new normal with Metatable. Thanks to its AI-driven development capabilities, you'll rapidly turn ideas into realities. This means you can provide tangible updates during your project to keep your clients engaged. Sure, they may not always understand the technicalities, but they'll love knowing that their project is in capable hands.

At Metatable, we understand that change is the only constant thing in web development. So, we make it possible to implement updates almost as soon as you receive them. 

Easy Hosting and Deployment with

Just think of this. Your front-end app is ready to go live in just a few clicks. Seems impossible? Not with The platform takes the complexity out of hosting. You simply upload your front-end files, and voila—your application is ready to greet the world. Its hosting is made so easy, that you'll wonder why it ever seemed daunting.

  • The noOps experience means no more grappling with server configurations or having sleepless nights over scaling issues.

  • Custom domain names to reinforce the project identity.

  • Move the project to other cloud platforms once your demands change.

Backend AI as a Collaborative Partner, Not a Replacement

Power tools didn't replace carpenters. Spreadsheets didn't replace accountants. Digital cameras didn't replace photographers. And AI won't replace developers. 

AI Is Here to Help, Not to Take Over

The essence of your work as a developer—creativity and problem-solving. And they can't be replicated by AI. You'll still need to add a human touch to the projects that require a careful selection of tools and platforms to create visually appealing web applications. Besides, your unique skillset and perspective paired with one of those things computers still can't grasp—the human connection—are the reasons we're still here, doing our jobs.

Does It Mean Companies Won't Need Developers?

If each engineer becomes more productive with the use of AI, doesn't it mean that the number of developer jobs will go down? In these terms, Josh Comeau has a point. AI may even increase the demand for software engineers. First, because the need for qualified experts is still higher than supply. There are tons of work to do, no matter how automated the flows are. Second, even when developers become 2x more productive, it means they'll fix more bugs, ship features faster, and make more profit for the company.

Become a Better Developer with AI

Serverless AI solutions like Metatable are here to help you become a better developer. As you automate the more tedious parts of your job, you free the space to learn, experiment, and grow. You can explore new technologies, refine your skills, and take on more challenging and rewarding projects. 

The Bottom Line

Like with any other job, adding AI to your front-end development toolkit will enhance your work. It will complement your creativity and expand your capabilities. 

With, full-stack development becomes far more accessible. You can now build robust, full-stack applications with ease.’s NoOps approach means you focus solely on developing great front-ends, and we take care of all tedious serverless backends tasks. Join the Metatable Beta today, and expand your horizons and capabilities as a developer.

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