Metatable-100days roadmap-AI-first-Image_to_Web_AI_Software Engineer
Metatable-100days roadmap-AI-first-Image_to_Web_AI_Software Engineer
Metatable-100days roadmap-AI-first-Image_to_Web_AI_Software Engineer

Nov 11, 2023

6 min

From Text-to-SQL to Text-to-App: Metatable's Roadmap to Simplifying Software Development

Have you ever longed for a single tool that lets you develop and deploy software with the help of AI? Sure, there's CoPilot, Mintlify, Replit and even ChatGPT to some extent. But what if you could take it a step further? What if you had one AI platform to write code, script SQL queries, prepare tests, build web app interfaces inspired by your mockups and descriptions, and finally deploy and host it all to a cloud ? Sounds awesome. But, alas, that's not what existing AI solutions can do.

At Metatable, we've made it real. This platform is built around an AI-first development concept to smooth the path from a software's inception to deployment. Read on to learn how we revolutionize the software development process.

The Software Development Cycle: The Traditional Way

Software development is an intricate process. On the one hand, you deal with trivial yet time-consuming tasks you can automate. But on the other, they require a meticulous touch because the devil is always in the details.

Software Development Steps

The route from software concept to launch usually has a few steps. Here's a rough estimate of time the development team can spend on a project.

How Long Does it take to build a software project

Sure, estimating development time can be tricky without specific details. But based on our experience, building a simple app may take 3 to 6 months in total. Launching software with multiple features and integrations could last from 6 months to over a year.

Component Complexity

When we talk about crafting software, we mean bringing together four fundamental elements:

  • Data: its storage, relationships, integrity, and structure.

  • Program: clean, efficient, and bug-free code.

  • UI: both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

  • Infrastructure: to run apps efficiently, securely, and at scale.

Now, imagine being the person responsible for all this stuff. Sounds overwhelming, doesn't it? This is where many developers feel the pinch—there's so much to do, so many fine details to consider, and it all needs to fit together perfectly.

Skill Verticals and Team Fragmentation

In an ideal world, every developer would be well-versed in all aspects of software creation. But that's not the world we code in. Most teams are assembled of differently-skilled specialists. This usually leads to a fragmentation of efforts and a toolbox overflowing with single-purpose tools. 

This doesn't just slow down the project. It complicates communication, creates dependency, and ultimately, may affect the integrity of the final product. 

Streamline the Flow with AI-first Development using Metatable

According to McKinsey's tech trends outlook the use of an AI assistant has a significant impact on the software development flow.

McKinsey's tech trends outlook

So, let us introduce Metatable AI noOps platform built to harmonize the multifaceted software development process. It allows you to:

  • Skyrocket efficiency as you slash development time

  • Cut down on coordination efforts

  • Reduce the risk of human errors

All You Need Under One Roof

At the heart of Metatable's platform lies combination of prompts pipelines and use of multimodal AI models. It's a consolidated platform where AI handles the nuances of development. With everything you need in one place, there's no need to juggle tools or keep a mental checklist of development dos and don'ts. 

💡What is multimodal AI? It's an AI that understands, processes, and generates multiple forms of data—text, code, and visual input—simultaneously. 

Intuitive UX with a Figma-Like Canvas

Our platform features an interactive interface that feels familiar. Especially, for Figma users.

This intuitive UI allows you to see your database, code, and other components come together on a single canvas. Very handy!

Where We Are Today with Our Text to App AI Platform

We've made significant strides in transforming developers interaction with the backend of applications. Today, our AI first dev platform enables you to:

  1. Design and work with your database with our text 2 SQL feature

  2. Create HTTP endpoints, which we call Services by using text 2 code feature

  3. Instant deployment of an error-free code with NoOps experience.

Have you ever admitted an idea that prototyping your backend can take less than 10 minutes? Too good to be true? Not with Metatable. Our text to code solution assists in building databases and backend code without the traditional complexities of infrastructure management. So, what once took hours or even days can now be accomplished in the time it takes to finish your coffee.

The Roadmap to Our Text to App Solution

Our vision toward what Metatable should do stretches beyond building the backend. We aim to cover the whole spectrum of building applications. So, these are the things our team is determined to implement in this AI NoOps solution:

  • AI Development team. What about assembling your virtual AI development team? You can get any AI-powered specialists: developers, quality assurance, or project managers. Chat with them and ask questions and give instructions about your project. Need to know and visualize your daily active users (DAU) for the last 90 days? Just ask your AI DB developer, and check the Metable canvas.

  • Image to Web. Turn static images into a dynamic application. Just upload your mockup, and watch as our AI interprets the layout, style, and functionality to build a responsive and interactive. We will serve Multimodal AI models to boost your projects.

  • Text to UI. Describe your web app, and our AI will bring it to life. Once crafted, we'll host your UI on our Metatable ecosystem.

  • Integration of authentication methods. We'll streamline authentication integration with Google, PassKeys, and traditional login/password systems.

  • AI model integration. This feature will enable you to integrate other AI models (like OpenAI) into the software.

  • Hosting and storage. As we implement this option, you'll be able to deploy your frontend with a few clicks. 

Want to delve deeper into what we're working on? We invite you to get familiar with our detailed plan here:

Wrapping It Up

There may be too many things on your place as you build an application. But it doesn't mean you should carry that cross on your own. Especially, if there's AI, which can be your greatest co-developer buddy ever.

Metatable is a one-stop text2code platform for all your software development needs. Prototype backends in minutes, construct HTTP endpoints with ease, and deploy error-free code into secure and scalable WASM containers—all with a single tool. But it's only the beginning as more awesome features are coming. Sign up for the beta version and secure a lifetime discount of 20%.

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